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"Necessity is the mother of invention" ~ Plato

Our Story, Founded in 2016, Nynja was created for businesses seeking the best, most efficient combination of virtual work collaboration and meeting tools. To that end, Nynja developed a suite of tools and combined them into a single, easily implemented platform that addresses all your online communication and collaboration needs in a single application. The Ninjaworkspace platform incorporates, (embeds) seamlessly into any website to create a user experience that crosses language barriers and fosters free global interaction through your website.

Our Mission: To provide the fastest, easiest way for businesses to connect and communicate in real time with their customers, colleagues, vendors, and collaborate on projects around the globe. ​

Our Goal: Nynja's goal has always been to develop cutting-edge technology that allows clients to work together, efficiently, in real time. Our revolutionary workspace will help keep your clients on your site, and keep your brand in front of your customers. No more relying on third-party applications – NINJAworkspace has you covered!

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